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Store Subscription Services

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Thank you for choosing Raging Gazebo!  There is no charge for our subscription service. You only pay for the items you order. 

Our subscription service is a no-contract, cancel any time agreement. If a subscription is canceled, the subscriber is still responsible for any outstanding orders. Please let us know if you’d like to put a hold on your account. There are no minimum or maximum number of titles you can order. 

In order to avoid fraud, we will need you to sign up in person with ID and proof of payment. Any future changes and requests can be handled over phone or email with the exception of payment changes.  Any changes to payment method must be handled in store with ID. 

Raging Gazebo is not liable for items backordered or canceled items by the distributor. Every effort will be made to complete orders, but in the event items are unavailable, your card will not be charged for these items. 

You can order other items besides comics!  We can order manga, CCGs, RPG items, miniatures, games, any new item coming out, and add it to your box.  One pickup for everything, Just call or send us a message for what you’d like to add. 

How it works: You fill out the order sheet with your preferred titles that we will order regularly. When the items come in, your card on file will be charged. You will receive a 10% discount on each item on your pull list.  You pick it up in the store at your convenience. Orders not picked up within two months will be returned to stock and are not eligible for refund. If desired, the subscription will also receive free bag and boarding service for each comic book on your pull list.

To avoid unauthorized pickups, ID must be shown at time of pickup.